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Klinge down to -60 degC

Posted by Sarah Klinge on Mon, Feb 13, 2017 @ 01:24 PM

An article on Klinge Corporation was recently featured in World Cargo News, the world's leading resource for international cargo professionals. Text of the article is below:

Klinge Corporation will deliver a “Container Blast Freezer Unit” (CBU) capable of holding a temperature of -60 degC (-76 degF) to the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of Indonesia. The equipment is being supplied by Klinge’s local partner, PT Waisity Indonesia for the Fishermen Empowerment project, and will be used to keep sushi-grade tuna at its required temperature.

Klinge will supply its CBU-30 unit, designed for quickly freezing cargo down to -60 degC. “Blast freezing tuna and other high-value fish to an ultra- low temperature of -60 degC substantially reduces transportation costs, as the fish can be transported by container ship, rather than being air freighted. It also al- lows for long-term storage of the tuna, so customers can purchase as needed and no tuna is wasted. Tests have also shown that shelf-life is increased when tuna is frozen to -60 degC and thawed, at a time of the customer’s choosing, in a controlled environment,” Klinge said in a statement.

CBU Indonesia-344509-edited-1.jpeg

The Blast Freezer features a two-step refrigerant system, with a high-temperature side with two compressors operating on R134a, and a low-temperature side with a single compressor operating on R23. The high-temperature system cools the condenser for the low-temperature system.

The CBU can be set to achieve the desired temperature in either a 12 or 24- hour cycle, during which time it main- tains the air supply at between -30 degC and -65 degC, depending on the cargo capacity. Klinge’s design features a special evaporator fan that maintains full airflow, even when the cargo load has high internal pressure drop, and an adjustable ceiling to provide efficient airflow control by ensuring the maximum airflow is pulled across the cargo at the optimum height.

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