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Sophisticated Refrigerated Containers offer reliable way to transport valuable, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Posted by Sarah Klinge on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 02:13 PM

The increase of pharmaceutical manufacturing in other parts of the world—like India, Mexico, China, and Brazil—has brought forth new transport challenges making the cold chain highly complex. These include regulatory issues, transport delays (at the airport or due to poor roads), extreme temperature ranges, and harsh climatic conditions.

Due to the evolving nature of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, there has been an increase in security measures regulations, and accountability measures regarding temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals.

Many companies have mitigated the challenges of a more complex cold chain by looking to niche shipping services.

Klinge Corporation offers an all-in-one solution to mitigate common challenges in the complex cold chain.

Klinge Corporation’s Transport Refrigerated Containers provide an ultra-safe and reliable way to transport temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals.  Using insulated ISO containers cooled by Klinge Corp reefer units, the combined Refrigerated Container can travel on truck, container ship, and rail. This simplifies the complexity of the cold chain as the supplies inside the Refrigerated Container are only removed upon arrival at their final destination. Additionally, the ability to be transported by sea (via container ship) is much less costly than air transport.

Valuable pharmaceuticals are kept at their required temperature inside the Klinge Corp’s Refrigerated Containers, which employ sophisticated microprocessor technology for safe transportation at a constant temperature.

Additionally, to provide the ultimate accountability, the containers are equipped with satellite communication technology to track and monitor temperature. This is also recorded in the internal temperature datalogger, from which the temperature data is printable directly from the device. Klinge Corp’s satellite communication and datalogger solution addresses an increased focus on temperature transparency.

For cold chain supplies needing extra protection, Klinge Corp makes a reefer unit with integral generator set that provides power to the reefer unit when shore power is not available. This mitigates loss of cargo due to any unforeseen event during transport.

As an even further fail-safe, Klinge Corp offers Refrigerated Containers with Dual Reefer Units. This is the ultimate fail-safe, as there are primary and back-up reefer units with automatic switchover. Klinge Corp has provided this option to major chemical manufacturing companies transporting dangerous or high-value temperature-sensitive chemicals for the last 30 years.

Klinge Corporation will be exhibiting at the Cold Chain Global Forum in Chicago, Illinois, from October 2-3, 2013. The company will feature their Refrigerated Containers for transport of refrigerated pharmaceuticals as well as Freezer Containers for the cooling, storage, and transport of frozen pharmaceuticals. 

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