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Klinge unveils new freezer for ocean shipment of ultra-low temp cargo

Posted by Sarah Klinge on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 @ 08:33 PM

Klinge Corporation debuted its new freezer unit at Intermodal Europe recently, nearly one year after the company’s acquisition of Norfrig Equipment, a supplier of ultra-low temperature equipment. The NMF-371 freezer unit maintains cargo between 32°F to -76°F (0°C to -60°C).

Deep Freezer Unit resized 600

Klinge Corp built on the innovative design of Norfrig Equipment’s existing deep freezer unit by removing the need for an internal evaporator section to provide maximum usable cargo space.

New freezer unit has numerous built-in fail safes

Unlike other picture frame models, Klinge Corp’s NMF-371 deep freezer unit is nose mounted to the container allowing for the use of an integral generator set in case of loss of power at the port or during inland transport or storage. This makes ocean shipment of ultra-low temperature cargo extremely safe and reliable.

“In addition to back-up power, customers transporting valuable cargo in our NMF-371 freezer unit are given added peace of mind through our satellite communication program. Amperages and pressures are measured and viewed and transferred to GSM modem and transmitted via satellite,” said Henrik Klinge, President of Klinge Corp. “This functionality allows customers to use their smart phone to text their unit.”

The new design also allows for easier servicing when on board the vessel as all components can be accessed and repaired from the front of the container, including evaporator fans, temperature probes, compressors, and condenser fans.

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